Lua Developer (CORE)

Job Category: Code
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Remote

As part of Mantle Games Design Studio, this position will be responsible for assembling game assets from Design, Art and Sound departments in order to develop fun and engaging experiences for players around the world. This is an entry level position in a progressive indie studio were previous coding, mathematic, and developer skills will be utilized. We build games mainly on the CORE platform.

3 Characteristics we embody as a Team:

  • Problem Solver – Actively seeks to identify, isolate, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Self-Starter – Adjusts to priorities and completes projects with attention to detail.
  • Team Player – Comfortable asking questions and genuinely eager to help those in need.

Job Type: Work on your own. Create your own work schedule.

Pay: Depends on payment or award. (we split everything based on what we earn)

SAMPLE: If we win 20k in awards we will meet and discuss payout. Otherwise we pay based on work done. In the future we want to have a much more steady payment structure.


  • Write, review and provide feedback and solutions that align with the game vision
  • Balance meta-game economics
  • Create design solutions for project scope and game roadmap
  • Collaborate with team to integrate mechanics and flow in level design
  • Research and devise solutions for game world mechanics and rules
  • Design and prototype gameplay scenarios

Mantle is a new and growing studio we want it to keep growing. We also want to foster opportunities for creators. If that’s owning part of Mantle.Games or having a hand in the creation of our indie studio, we can not do it without crazy talented people to lead the way.

This job is no longer accepting applications.